Monday, 27 September 2021

Pauktaw, Arakan State: In Arakan State, there are one sided of mass killing  and torching of Rohingya houses have been going on, but the government just articulately double-dealing  to international community,  said a leader from the locality.

On October 28, the second day of Eid-ul- Azha (Qurbani) festival day of Muslims,  Rakhine mob, about 2,000, came to attack the Kayri Pyin (Sikki Para) village of Pauktaw Township, at about 5:00 pm. But, the Rakhine mob was driven out by the Rohingya villagers, Soon after, the Rakhine mob accompanied by Buddhist monks came again to the village with lethal weapons and attacked the Rohingya village.  This is the second time that the Rakhine mobs attacked the Pauktaw Township since June, this year. It has 1,200 houses. The Rakhine people did not care of religious festival of Rohingya community. Detail is not yet escalated as the houses are still burning, said a local elder from the village on condition of anonymity.

“The Rakhine mob has been trying to attack this village since October 26, but the concerned authority did not take any action.”

“From the beginning of the violence in Arakan State, the concerned authorities did not set up the Law and Order for Rakhine people, therefore, the Rakhine people and Rakhine Buddhist monks are openly and vigilantly terrorizing against the Rohingya Muslims”. .

The riots are uncontrollable because government policy is to spread Burmanization and Buddization in Rohingya community by the support of Rakhine people. Rakhine community needs of extermination of the Rohingya in regard to install its own independent state after driving all Rohingya people from Arakan soil, said another Rohingya leader.

“So, all Muslim Rohingyas have been targeted for their agenda and facing the worst genocidal attacks in the history. .Miserably, it is very regrettable that the world mechanism body UN has not yet paved a workable solution to end the crises, as well as, it has forwarded such matters of ethnic cleansing onto the terror government.”

“Besides, we are also surprised with many reports still express as 'clashes' and did not clearly state that who have been attacked by whom,“ said a Rohingya leader.

On October 27, in the evening, about 53 boats landed at Ohntaw (Bariza Para) mostly from Kyaukpyu town which were driven out on October 25, after negotiation was approached by the Aid staff of UN and Turkey with the security forces, according to a man from Akyab. 

“However, the rest 12 boats load of about 2,000 Rohingyas landed on the shore of Tae Chaung of Akyab, which were driven out from Ward-No.3 and 4- of Pauktaw town on October 23. They are still surrounded by the Nasaka forces and are facing starvation and various abuses. They have no shelter, food, sanitations and medicines.”

“The Nasaka forces extorted and looted cash about 3 million Kyat from Kyaukpyu people and about 2 million Kyat from Pauktaw people and also looted their gold ornaments and some of them were also severely beaten up for saying that 'Rakhines burnt  down Rohingyas’ houses’. “

The incident happened in Pauktaw today was not announced from any voice media.  The attack was done in Pauktaw by calling Rakhine extremists from other towns. This is a systematic plan of State Government along with RNDP, ALP, and other social welfare organizations by taking understanding with Central Government, said a local elder from Maungdaw. 

“The riots will not be stopped until and unless taking action against the members who are behind the riots.”

“In Maungdaw Townships, many Rakhine youths are being brought from other towns and they had already been equipped. Knowing this information, the villagers of Maungdaw Township are living in panic.”

Yesterday, two helicopters of Turkey reached at Akyab, the capital of Arakan State from Ragoon with rations for refugees, said a man from Akyab.