Monday, 27 September 2021

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The authority of  Maungdaw Township  didn’t allow to land the Rohingya load boats – escape from killing by Rakhine in Kyaukpru - at  Kyauk Pandu under Burma border security    (Nasaka) area  8 of Maungdaw south since yesterday, according to a village admin office member.

“The 4 Rohingyas load boats arrived at Kyauk Pandu village yesterday night, but the Nasaka personnel didn’t give permission to land in the areas and the Rohingyas are still on the boats.”

“The Nasaka personnel are not giving permission local people to give any help to boats; foods, water, fuel and medicines. In the boats, there are female and children, accompany with elderly person.”

UN official from Maungdaw with humanitarian goods of five trucks, Maungdaw district administration officer, Maungdaw Township administration officer and Nasaka Director went to Maungdaw south today morning to setup a refugee camp for Rohingyas who escape from killing by Rakhines in Kyaukpru, according to an elder from Maungdaw.

“But, the officers of Maungdaw, returned back without setting refugee camp for Kyaukpru’s Rohingyas from Oo daung and declared Refugee camp will setup at Taungbru, Maungdaw north. The boats will send to Taungbru through Naf River with security force.”

“The boats are not sent to Taungbro till reporting and the Rohingyas are kept in the boats where they have no foods, water and medicine.”

Similarly, 12 boats fully loaded with Rohingyas from Ward number 3 and Ward number 4 of Pauk Taw – whose villages were set fire three days before - are now floating on water as security did not allow them to land in Thee Chaung, Akyab. The security force fired on boats if the Rohingya tried to land, according to enlder from Thee Chaung village.

“The Rohingyas are facing serious problems of foods, water and medicines. The boats have no fuel, if they want to go other places.”

Thousands of Rakhines had set fire on four Rohingya villages in Pauk Taw Township today at about 00:30 hour. The villagers are staying without shelter; foods and water. The villages are:- Shuli Pyin village, 177 houses and 1050 persons; Kyan Pyin village,120 houses and 800 persons; Thee Ywa village,135 houses and 890 persons and Kya Ni Pyin village,320 houses and 2256 persons, according to a teacher from Pauktaw.

"The situation in Rakhine state underscores the critical need for mutual respect among all ethnic and religious groups and for serious efforts to achieve national reconciliation in Burma. We urge the people of Burma to work together towards a peaceful, prosperous and democratic country that respects the rights of its entire diverse people," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said in Washington.

“Scores of terrorized villagers fleeing in boats have reportedly been drowned; and many dead bodies are now floating in the sea and rivers. The resultant effects of the mass atrocities, in terms of human and material loss, are too great. In particular, the port city of Kyaukpyu has now been ethnically cleansed of the people of Islamic faith,” according to Rohingya groups’ press release, Urgent collective international action needed to protect the Rohingya on October 25,2012.

The statement also stated, “since June, the violence in Arakan has claimed about 5000 Muslim lives, left over 100,000 of them homeless, with thousands more detained, unknown numbers wounded and tortured. “The Burmese government is NOT only failing to protect its Muslim Rohingya population” but has also been the primary force behind the systematic persecution of them. Evidently the government’s apparatus with police, army and security forces are directly involved in the killing of them and torching of their villages.” 

The Rohingya group urge upon the international community UN, OIC, EU, ASEAN, UK, US and her western allies and Burma’s neighbours to take effective collective action in time to protect the Muslim Rohingya people in Arakan, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations. Or otherwise this unprotected minority community will be wiped out.