Monday, 27 September 2021

Kyaukpru, Arakan State: More than 40 boats of Rohingyas are floating in the river near the Akyab today evening, according to a reliable person from Akyab.

“The boats tried to land in Akyab as the boats had no fuel, water, foods and medicines, but the security forces and Immigration officers were not allowed to land on Akyab.”

“The boats were pushed back to the river and the boats are now floating in the river.”

Rohingyas from Akyab tried to help the boats load Rohingyas from Kyaukpru with fuel, water and foods. The Rohingyas from Akyab also tried to help the wounded people for medical treatment and medicines for other people, according to an elder from Akyab.

“The information about floating boats spread all over the Rohingyas IDPs camps and reaming Rohingya villages in Akyab as well as Rakhine. The Rakhines are trying to attack the floating boats in the river. The boats want to land into Akyab, but the authorities didn’t allow them to enter. Rakhines are planning to kill this boats load Rohingyas.”

“There are more than 15,000 Rohingyas on boats and their fate is unknown.” 

Some, Rohingya  from northern Arakan wished to reach this boats load Rohingyas to enter in Maungdaw or Bangladesh side for their save place as temporally to solve their rights in Burma.

Similarly, over 2000 Rohingyas, whose houses were burnt down to ashes, from Ywa Thit and Ywa Haung villages, Pauktaw township, tried  to escape from their areas with  7 engine boats, 55  paddling boats and one sampan to Akyab to save their lives today, according to a Rohingya from Pauktaw.

“These Rohingyas group were attacked by Rakhines where some boats and sampan were sunk in the water. More than,100 Rohingyas died in the attacked. The dead bodies are floating in the river.”

“The group also not allowed to land by authorities and the y are also floating in the sea. God know their fate.”