Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Maungdaw Township:

A 34-member parliamentary team ---consisting of no local Rohingya MPs---led by Thura Shwe Mann visited Maungdaw Township, Arakan State, on July 8. But, the team only visited with Buddhist community, especially the Natala villagers and Monks who are  giving shelter  Mogh  and distributed relief goods to them. The team neither met with Rohingya Muslims nor gave any relief to them, said an elder from Mungdaw.

“There are some Buddhist refugees in Maungdaw Township who are Natala villagers - were brought to northern Arakan from Burma proper for new settlement.  On June 8, some of the houses of Natala villagers were burned down by Rohingya villagers and become refugees. Within two days, all the Natala villagers were brought to under Nasaka camps and some are being kept in Buddhist monastery at Maungdaw.  Whenever international visitors paid visit to Maungdaw Town, they only visited the Buddhist refugees by the local guidance. To show the international visitors, the concerned authorities such as--- Nasaka and army--- brought the Natala (Model) villagers from northern side of Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung Townships to Maungdaw town.”

Rohingya villagers have been keeping in their villages since the violence was occurred. At present, they are facing acute crisis of ration, medicines and essentials, and are not allowed to buy anything from outside. Nasaka or police or Hluntin with the collaboration of Rakhine youths shot dead Rohingyas, if he will meet out of his home. As a result, many children, pregnant women, wounded patients and other chronic patients are daily dying without medicine and proper medical treatment. Rohingyas become refugees in their own houses, so the outsiders cannot see the Rohingya refugees, the elder more added. 

Police, Hluntin, Nasaka, army and Rakhine goons are --- killing, arrest, rape, extortion, destruction and confiscation of properties of Rohingys and looting of goods from the Rohingya community.

Nasaka with Mogh goons went to Nyaung Chaung (Kadir Bill) village of Maungdaw Township, yesterday at night and fired to the village and arrested some Rohingya youths and brought to Maungdaw Town, said a businessman.

Nasaka also went to Ghunar Para of Shwe Zaar village tract, today, at about 10:00 am, and checked the family lists and arrested 18 young boys;- Baser son of Fazal, Azzad son of Adul Razark, Aman Ullah son of Sham Shu, Anwer Saddek son of Sham Shu,Lala son of Nur Ahmed, Sadek son of Hussin Ahmed,Ismail son of Abdul Jalil, Sadek Husson son of Kala Meah, Fayas son of Husson, Mohamed Rafique son of Dil Mohamed, Yasein son of Daliya, Nur Alam son of Amir Rawddin, Mohamed Isque son of Hamid, Mufis, Seras Khan, Azizul  Rahaman and Dilu, according to a villager from Shwezarr.

Today early morning, a group of Rakhine youths and Nasaka went to Warrcha Para of Mawaungdaw south and tried to kidnap some of the Rohingya girls while the male villagers were not present at the village for fear of arrest by the army or Nasaka or police. Meanwhile, the girls made hue and cry, hearing of the noises, the male villagers came out from the hiding place and rescued the girls, said an elder from the village. 

Today at about 2:00 pm, four villagers namely Maulana Ibrahim and Master Zubair and two others went to Myoma Khayoungdan (Shikdar Para) from Kyiganpin (Kawar Bill) village for their personnel purposes. On the way, the Nasaka of Butkargonah (Koliza Baga) camp arrested them and demanded Kyat 200,000 per head to be released, a trader from the locality said.

In the same way, three villagers from Kyiganpin (Kawar Bill) village went to Kyein Chaung (Bawli Bazar) to buy rice and other necessary things. But on the way, the villagers were arrested by Nasaka and extorted Kyat 60,000 from them, said a businessman.  

Buthidaung Township:

Yesterday, a meeting was held by police officers of Zaditaung camp and Buthidaung Town police camp inviting local villagers.  After meeting, the police officers arrested 10 villagers who are USDP (Union Solidarity and Development Party) members.  They are identified as ---Salim, Chairman of USDP, Osman Gani, secretary of USDP, Noor Ahmed, USDP member, Gurason, USDP member, Ali Ahmed, USDP member of Bawli Para, Kala, Ismail, Abdullah and other two members. They were severely tortured by police RNDP members.  After arrest, they were brought to Buthidaung police station, said a villager from the locality.

Earlier, Mohamed Noor, son of Seraz of Buthidaung Town and Azad, son of Master Saw Maung were arrested by police four days ago. They are also the USDP members of Buthidaung Town.

The villagers of Pyin Hla village, Parapyin Thein Tin village, Saykan Kwason village, Mostabiz Para, Sie Oo Kya village and Wat Makya village are living with great fear of arrest by the police.

In Buthidaung jail, the arrested villagers from Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships are sent to Buthidaung jail. No relative is allowed to visit the jail. Every day, 40 prisoners in the morning and in the evening, take out from the Wards and torture severely and die two to three persons in daily basis. The dead bodies were not handed over to the relatives and buried nearby a brick field. Almost all prisoners have only one pair of clothes, said a youth on condition of anonymity.

So far, Burmese has not taken any step to end the suffering of the Rohingyas. There is a serious food crisis and the Rohingyas are daily dying of starvation. The patients and bullet injuries are in acute mental and physical pain without medical treatment. Urgent international humanitarian intervention is the only option to prevent the defenseless Rohingya people, said a Rohingya elder.