Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Statement on the issue of Integrity and safeguarding the interest of Rohingya in Arakan under future Federal Union of Burma

Ustad Salim Ullah Abdur Rehman, President, RSO

All praise are due to Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala and Peace be upon Muhammad ibn Abdullah, the seal of the Prophets.
In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent.



My respectable Participants,

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

First of all we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the host country and it's peace-loving people which is facilitating all of us to sit together in this place with a specific objective of sharing and discussing our view-points on the certain objective of determining the ways and means for finding a comprehensive solution of our Rohinya in the future federal Union of Burma in the light of peaceful co-existence among various nationalities inhabiting in Arakan and Burma.

Secondly, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the convener of this important meeting of Rohingya leaders, Mr. Harn Yawnghwe, the director of NRP and Euro-Burma Office for his tireless efforts to achieve unity among the leaders of multicultural and multi-linguistic races of the Union, including our Rohingyas, on the universally recognized formula of unity in diversity and federal form of democracy.

Thirdly, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all participants, who have came here from different continents with great hopes and who have decided to embark a politico-revolutionary journey to emancipate our ill-fated Rohingya people of Arakan from the serfdom and to establish justice in Arakan. Hope, all participants will extend their best wishes to explore positive atmosphere in finding genuine unity and to achieve the real national consensus in this state of hopeful turning-point.

Respected ladies and gentlemen, You may well aware that Rohingya Solidarity Organization RSO is a broad based  organization that exist in Rohingya people of Arakan which is very popular in our community and actively representing the cause of our ill-fated people in national and international level. Our cherish objective is to fulfill the long awaited aspiration of Rohingya people with all our possible capacities.

From the beginning of NRP's approach we demonstrated whole-hearted support to the NRP programs as we realized that the reconciliation program is the most effective initiative to end misunderstanding among the races of the Union holding various aspect of ideological differences and as we believe that the NRP is trying in order to make a common political strategy to reshape the Union with the true perspective of Panlong agreement where multi-colorful, multi-cultural and multiracial communities of the Union could be able to enjoy justice, equality, fraternity, liberty, prosperity and harmony with peaceful co-existence and unity in diversity.

On the light of National Reconciliation Program NRP, we, the Rohingya Solidarity Organization RSO have done at great extent in and out of the organization. It is a fact that, even we did not make any of our organizational or public meeting without discussing NRP programs and ongoing initiative for the federal democracy.

In addition, also we discuss about the cherish objective of NRP with other leaders of Rohingya organizations and even in many occasions topic on this particular development was discussed in the Organization of Islamic Conference OIC, the greatest forum of Muslim World and after UN the largest organization  in the world.

Respected Participants, Now let me address our view-points to achieve genuine unity of Rohingya people on the light of future federal democratic Union of Burma. To address on this particular topic we need to reflect our experiences which teaches us many lessons. Taking advantage from our past experience all participants should address frankly and honestly. Because diplomacy dose not always bring fruitful result.

Indeed we are happy to see this kind of positive development in the minds of Rohingya leaders in right time working together in hunger of unity. But, at the same time we do also think that only this consultation could not produce all required things. We have many things ahead of us to be done unity. Therefore, in this stage our elders, intellectuals and leaders of Rohingya organizations should wise fully reassess to find of the root cause of all our past and present problems, and should pay proper attention to all side around us to enable ourselves to pay appropriate answer to the demand of time.

Therefore, we would like to say all Rohingya leaders to reassess the few numbers of fact. These are :

1.       What are the root causes that always prevent us to proceed ahead and why our unity did not last long?

2.       Why Rohingya community could not managed yet to establish an integrated political forum?

3.       For what Muslim world and Muslim organizations do not pay deserved attention to our long-standing problems though they know whole story of our grievances? And

4.       Why our own community frustrated on our movements and lost confidence on each other?

Many talk have been said or are still going on about our problems. But, our assessment is that without on integrated political forum, entirely participation of Rohingya people could not be achieved, our lost rights will not be regained, the security of our lives and properties could not be protected and we will not be able to take proper advantages from any favorable situation as before.

Today, after enduring more than half a century of non-stop agonies, Rohingya people became more different then before on the ground of political consciousness, social advancement and economic fields. We think no any organization or any leader could be able to earn people's souls and hearts without showing them an acceptable road-map to solve their problems.

In quest of ever-lasting peace and peaceful co-existence in Arakan, we aspire to extend friendly co-operation to all sister communities of Arakan including the Rakhaine to struggle together for finding solution of all existing problem. We hope the Rakhaine community of Arakan would mend unitedly toward the aspiration of Rohingya people.

To accomplish all these tasks there we may face difficulties and barrier with the Rakhaine community. Therefore, it is paramount important to reach in understanding and unity between the two major inhabitants of Arakan the Rohingya and the Rakhaine on certain theme to end hatred and to let our incoming generations to enjoy peaceful co-existence in Arakan.

While the case of our Rohingya had gone in default in the eve of independence and as the fate of our Rohingya is floating in the ocean of agonies, any way we should be well prepared to charter out a political strategy for the hopeful future federal state of Arakan and for the federal Union of Burma.

To achieve comprehensive national consensus and to charter out integrated political strategy for the future federal state of Arakan under the light of hopeful federal Union of Burma, Rohingya Solidarity Organization RSO would like to submit the following proposals to the Rohingya consultation.

Proposals :

  1. A Organizing Committee should be formed with person belonging to important organizations of Rohingya. We propose the following organization should be included in first step.
    • National League for Democracy ( NLD ) Arakan state,
    • Arakan League for Justice and Freedom ( ALJF ),
    • Arakan Rohingya National Organization  ( ARNO ),
    • Arakan Historical Society ( AHS ),
    • National Democratic Party for Human Right ( NDPHR ) in exile and
    • Rohingya Solidarity Organization ( RSO ).
  2. Under this organizing committee various coordination committees would be formed to mobilize public opinions in different countries where Rohingya are living as refugees.
  3. Workshops/ seminars should be organized in different counties in different times to encourage general masses of Rohingya who have been long demoralized.
  4. The Organizing Committee would invite and collect suggestions and proposals from other organizations and intellectuals of Rohingyas.
  5. To collect view-points and suggestive from different coordination committee, the Organizing Committee would sit together along with concerned persons of coordination committees at a place convenient to all.
  6. After working  six months to one year and after experiencing field works in different areas, the Organizing Committee would decide for the future plans and strategies to form the Integrated Political Forum which will be the sole voice and representation of the Rohingya people.
  7. This Integrated Political Forum will be functioned according to agreed theme and formula of it's concerned members organizations and this Forum will determine how to fulfill the aspiration of Rohingya people.    

In conclusion I would like to thank once again all participants who made deliberations on the theme and the sponsors of this historic conference – Hon’ble Harn Yawnghwe and Hon’ble AFK Jilani for their outstanding initiative.

I also heartily thank Mr. Nurul Islam, President of ARNO.

May Allah  forgive us and enable us to serve the oppressed Rohingya Muslims of Arakan in particular and the Muslims of Burma and other minority in general (Ameen).

Wassalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

This paper was submitted at First Rohingya Consultation: Working together to find a solution, on 2-3 August 2006, Sigha Dum Conference Room, Faculty of Political science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, Organized by Centre for Social Development, Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, In cooperation with the National Reconciliation Programme (NRP