Wednesday, 22 January 2020
Nurul Islam, Chittagong.
The Rohingyas are one of the two major indegenous peoples of Arakan. Indeed, they are the most discriminated,persecuted and a forgotten people on the earth. The Burmese Military regime has declared them as non-nationals and subjected them to institutionalized persecution with a view to nudding Arakan from Muslim inhabitants. It has been carried out policies of Burmanization and de-Muslimization caused waking up and stand against in-justice.Our Independence hero General Aung San suggested that "people have to be  united for a common cause and continue with their Democracy movement against oppressive rulers." The Rohingyas were compelled to seek refuge in the neighbour country due to systematic repression and human rights violation.Presently,they are in a position of "Discrimination in Burma and denial of rights in Bangladesh". Indeed, the only collective process with a unified concept of Democracy, in diplomatic ways could be able to emancipate the distressed Rohingyas from such peril !

"The reasons why the Rohingyas were obliged to stand against injustice and unprecedented brutality, committed by the Military Regime;"

The major two ethnic Nationalities, the Rakhine and the Rohingya have been living peacefully together in Arakan for centuries as the history of Rohingya`s existence in Arakan began from 788 AD. The Rohingyas have been maintaining peaceful co-existence with different religious groups in Arakan so far. After 1962, the Military Junta deliberately discriminating the Rohingyas because of their failth and belief in Islam. The Rohingyas are being victims of inhuman atrocities conducting by the SPDC such as forced labour,depredition, killing, raping, torturing, displacing, imposing restriction on movement,marriage and higer studies etc., caused migration in the neighbour country. I have learnt from a report written by Dr. Abid Bahar that " none of the Chittagong tribes are indeginous to the land. They were the result of Burmese invasion of Arakan. These extremists anti- Muslim tribal leaders espicially from Bangladeshi Moghs that were behind the instigation of unrest in Arakan between the Moghs of Arakan and the Rohingyas causing Rohingya refugees to Bangladesh."

I have also learnt from another report " Burma`s Muslims: caught in the Crossfire" written by Andrew Selth that " under the colonial goverment and during the Democratic era,Muslims held senior positions in Burma`s public service and civil society. Since Newin`s Military coup in 1962,however they have become increasingly marginalized ,and forced to suffer both official and unofficial discrimination.For example,under regulations introduced in 1982 the Rohingyas have effectively been denied  citizenship which renders them stateless. They have been refused permission to build new Mosques and some old places of worship have been destroyed. A number of religious school have been closed. Rohingyas are discriminated against when applying for jobs or promotion. They are unable to hold responsible positions in Goverment or the armed forces and have long been subjected  to prejudice,racial vilification and abuse. Since 1962 thousands of Rohingyas have been killed in riots in Arakan .The region was accused of instigating a series of bloody anti-muslim riots in Sittwe, Toungoo and prome in 2001. Rohingyas are the poorest least established in Burma. They have also been the most oppressed. Claiming that the Rohingyas are illegal immigrants . The Military goverment has conducted more than a dozen major operations against them. Rohingyas have been driven off their ancestral land,their women were violated ,their religious buildings were descrated and their properties were stolen or destryed. Following major programmes in 1978 and again in 1991, more than 250,000 Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh to escape the depredations of the security forces. So as,to alter the Demography by increasing Buddhist settlements with the people they are hostile to Islam. The harsh treatment accorded to Rohingyas since 1962,has helped spark several armed insurgent groups in Arakan, Burma."

"A proposal to form a Legitimated Rohingya Umbrella Oganization ( RUO ) to lead the collective political process on common issues with the concept of Democracy in order to solving political crisis in Arakan,as well as in Burma;"

During recent years or decades many political,socio-cultural or community organizations emerged among the Rohingya communities in different parts of the world in order to fulfill the aspiration of this dying alive people.

Indeed, their aspiration has not been so far fully achieved due to circumstantial reasons,but as part of the results the Rohingyas have been introduced to international communities. Some times the Rohingya political Organizations merged with substantial political commitments. But unfortunately the unity was not sustained due to reciprocal mis-conceivings. But no major differences have been so far found among the existing political leaders and they are still surviving with their plan and programmes under the banner of their respective political organizations.

There is a remarkable development among the existing political Organizations that almost all the existing Political organizations such as RSO, ARNO, ALJF, NDPHR (in exile) etc., expressed their solidarity and support with this BKK Rohingya Consultation. Of course, it is a good sign of development of inter-coordination among them in terms of serving community interests. I would like to make a proposal to the existing Political Organizations such as RSO, ARNO, ALJF, NDPHR (in exile) etc., to take comprehensive measures to establish coordination and affinity among them. But I don’t mean to merge all the Political organizations again. It is only to unite under the banner of RUO by signing a treaty on the basis of a single concept of Democracy.  A guarantee of assurance for the sustainable coordination among them is most important for what I would like to suggest to sign in a " Treaty of Amity and coordination ( TAC ) under the shadow of RUO, As per the treaty the members of the RUO must refrain from interferring in the internal affairs of others and must solve  the common Issues by coordinating each other under the shadow of RUO.

After signing in TAC the existing political Organizations should have to step to solve the out standing Rohingya common issues on the basis of consensus under the shadow of RUO because for a single Organization,forging to solve the common issues will not be effective because of possibility of facing with undue obstacles and criticizing. For example, this BKK Rohingya Consultation is a preliminary gathering  just to discuss to find ways and means  to reach in a consensus to safeguard the interest of the Rohingya under" Future Federal Union of Burma." So any of the available and competent person has to organize it because of lacking of a Rohingya Legitimated Umbrella Organization to deal common issues for which NRP has chosen Br. Nurul Islam, president,ARNO as an available competent person to organize for BKK Rohingya consultation. But unfortunately he has been unduely criticized by some quarter. Whatever the situation is Br. Nurul Islam has performed his responsibilities very attentively and unhesitatingly. Indeed, we should express appriciation and gratitude for his contributions. In fact, an Umbrella Organization shall work on behalf of all the existing Rohingya political organizations if they feel its necessity and importance just to organize and master mind future consultations, reconciliations among them, as well as between the Rohingya and the Rakhine.

However, we should reach in a consensus on formation of Rohingya Umbrella Organization comprising representatives from all the existing political organizations and some  from efficient and competent individuals. The Rohingya`s ever first legitimated Umbrella Organization  will be able to deal all the common issues, even to take part in the Burmese Democratic movement as a sole representative of Rohingya for which it should work to establish an ironic  relationship not only  between the Rakhine and Rohingya but also between Rohingya and other sister ethnic minorities in Burma and a collective stern action against SPDC should be taken in order to end the Junta`s war of genocide against the innocent ethnic Nationalities and bring peace in Burma. Rather RUO would play a key role as of a diplomatic mission internationally,as well as it could debate with SPDC in order to solving the out standing Rohingya Issues.

"The expectation of the Community from Existing Political,Socio Cultural or Community Organzations and  their obligatory;"

During the last decades about 50% of the total Rohingya population left their ancestral land to escape persecution,and in search of safety and survival. During last decades a lot of  Rohingya political Organizations were emerged. Among them ARNO,RSO,NDPHR (in-exile) etc., are so far actively working with substantial political commitments. But recently Dr.Mohd Yonus declared the formation of ALJF with strong political commitments. Actually ARNO was an unified political Organization, formed in 1999 by merging four political Organizations and this is what the displaced community expected from them. Unfortunately the unity has not been sustained due to mis-conceiving on each other. But ARNO is still surviving and trying to fulfill the aspiration of the community under the leadership of Br.Nurul Islam. He is unflaggingly endeavouring to prosper the community with dedication, integrity, deligence and patience.  RSO, under the leadership of Br.Salim Ullah is trying to serve the community by possible means. He is very cooperative and deligent. Dr.Mohd Yonus recently declared the formation of his new political Organization, ALJF with substantial  political commitments. Some Organizations and individuals recognized it with the expectation of better contributions. Perhaps, the leaders did some mistakes in the past  for which I think they already repented.  Whatever the situation was, we should express gratitude for their out standing contributions and unflagging thinking for the betterment of the community. The above three Political leaders are maintaining communications among them whenever they feel necessary in terms of community issues. We should really proud of them.

Another Political Organization, NDPHR ( in exile) was formed in 2003 in Paris and working relentlessly under the leadership of Ko Hla Aung. Actually it was a public mandated political Organization that was formed during the uprising of 1988 under the leadership of Master Anowar(alias) U Kyaw Min and it won 4 seats in the General election of 1990. But Later it was banned and now the Rohingya Political Leader U Kyaw Min and his family members have been jailed for several years without any trial. We should collectively demand the unconditional release of him and his family members,as well as the NLD leader and  Nobel laureate, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.  Ko Hla Aung re-organized and relived NDPHR (in exile) in Paris with the consent of U Kyaw Min and other its members in 2003 and he is unflaggingly forging in order to restoration of Democracy in Burma,as well as to establishing the fundemental rights of Rohingyas. It has some branches in other countries including USA. Br. Mohiuddin is the president and Br.MSK Jilani is the General secretary of NDPHR (in exile),USA branch. Perhaps, now prevailing communication gap between Ko Hla Aung and other members of its branches. From this Rohingya consultation I would like to request Ko Hla Aung to take stern measures to prosper communication with other associates.Br. Mohiuudin is  trying to make the Rohingya elites understand about the necessity and importance of Greater Unity.  Anyhow, we should appreciate him for his contribution. From this Consultation I would like to suggest Br.Mohiuddin and Mr. Sadek to prosper their relationship with the existing political leaders in order to achieving the goal without any intricacy.

Moreover, the Burmese Rohingya Associations were formed in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, KSA,UAE, UK etc., and trying to assist the Rohingya community in their respective country by possible means.They are being involved in the Burmese Democracy movement. In Japan BRAJ, under the leadership of Br.Zaw Mynt Htut, is unflaggingly forging to serve the community interest, as well as it is being involved in Burmese democracy movement with political commitments. I think not more than 75 Rohingyas are living in Japan and for them a political Organization, BRAJ is already working relentlessly. But recently another Organization, JARO has been emerged under the leadership of Br.Salim Ullah due to prevailing intensive impact between Br.Zaw Mynt Htut and Br.Salim Ullah. I think this impact or mis-understanding between them would impair the interest of the Rohingya community in Japan. So, from this Rohingya consultation I would like to request them to solve their impact or fiance  by mutual understanding for the sake of the derooted community. Otherwise, the on going process of reconciliation or Unity among the Rohingyas and forging to reah in a consensus on the issue of Rohingya`s role under "future Federal Union of Burma" will be intrigate. I also would like to request Br.Nurul Islam, UK to intervene in this deadlock intelligently.

Most of the overseas Rohingyas are living in Bangladesh for decades. They are always maintaining good relationship and very cooperative. They have also some social welfare Organizations such as Arakan

Historical Society (AHS) and Chittagong Research and Cultural Society (CRCS) etc., AHS was formed in 1986 when raised the horrific slogan " Rohingyas be deported from Bangladesh" and CRCS was formed in 2004 when created disputatious situations  in the Rohingya community, Chittagong. The detoreriated situation is so far prevailing in the community. But no measures so far have been taken by any quarter to mitigate the tense situations in order to ensuring an amicable atmosphere in the Rohingya community in Bangladesh. Rather CRCS`s activities have been suspended since its incident on 14th, October, 2005. Perhaps this is only an intrigue of some awful quarter.This is the result of dis-unity in the community! I would like to request the concern quarters to take stern mearsures for holding a reconciliation among the disintegrated Rohingys, living in Bangladesh particularly in Chittagong in order to ensure Unity in the community.

A recommendation to form a Convening Committee until formally formed RUO;

From this consultation we should take an unanimous decision to form RUO and to impliment the decision, we should form a convening committee to work until formally formed RUO.The convening committee should complete a draft Manifesto and recomendations on its name and structure etc.,Then it shall convene a National conference with the consent of existing political organizations and the sponser. Then hope a Legitimated Rohingya Umbrella Organization with sub-stantial political commitments would be successfully emerged with the noble responsibilities.


Indeed,it is no doubt that a displaced and distressed community could not be able to develop and achieves its goal without attaining Unity. Here, I have emphasized the importance and advantages of unity and formation of an Umbrella Organization. But Unity mean not to merge all the Organizations, rarther prospering their inter-relationship and coordination in order to solving the common issues collectively.  I am very optimistic that every Rohingya intellectual will come forward to find out the ways and means to safe guard the interest of  the oppressed Rohingya and emancipate the community from a confined life with a collective process. We cann`t hope that we will be able to restore peace and harmony in   Arakan unless not only the unity among the Rohingyas,but also unity in diversity that between the Rohingya and the Rakhine and other sister ethnic Nationalities and minoriteis in Burma is ensured. There is no serious animosity and fray between the Rohingya and the Rakhine. The only mis-understanding between the two brotherly ethnic Nationalities caused discontent in both communities. The RUO with the cooperation of NRP should take step to hold a reconciliation between the Rakhine and the Rohingya in order to reach in a concensus on the issue of their stand in "future Federal Union of Burma'. Thus we can hope a congenial atmosphere in Arakan under the "Future Federal Union of Burma." As well as I would like to comment that Unity and solidarity of the people of the country is prerequisite to liberate Burma from the yoke of the Military dictatorship. All the conscious ethnic Nationalities including the Rohingya should be more desperate, coopertive, relented and their struggle against in-justice and unprecedented brutality should be much intensified until the perdiction of SPDC is ensured in order to restoration of the real Democracy in Burma. It is no doubt that the Rohingya needs an efficient, competent, deligent and viable leadership having political legitimacy and integrity in order to fulfill the aspiration of the community. Eventually, I would like to make a strong recomendation that " we should work at the level of grass-roots in our respective areas as a drive of reunification among the Rohingyas living there, and make them understand about the subject of the 1st Rohingya Consultation through holding work-shops in order to reah in a consensus for " future federal Union of Burma."