Wednesday, 04 August 2021

Picture and Image

A map in the book Muslim contribution to the geography by Dr Nafis Ahmed. London. indicating Arakan as a well known region to the Muslims since 8th cenluiy AD P-121


A map showing South-East Asia dining 500 and 1500 A D as appeared in the Time Atlas of World History indicating Arakan as an independent Muslim kingdom




A map showing cultural divisions of South-East Asia in 15th century A.D. as appealed in the Time Atlas of World Histoiy indicating Arakan as an Islamic Stale by Geoferry Banadough P-133


Coins, Photograph and Stone inscription


Indicates the Prophet's Mosque of Madina, Saudi Arabia




In the square of the center, it is the verse of declaration of Muslim faith i.e. the Kalimah


Note: There is no explanation about these coins in U San Tha Aung's " Rakhine Coins"



A Stone inscription with Arabic script found in the compound of Theingyi Taung Pagoda and preserved in Mrauk-U Museum.




Sandhi Khan Mosque built in 1433 A.D at Mintayabyin, Mrauk-U by Muslim army who came to help enthrone Narameikhla ( The founder of Mrauk-U dynasty)




Majah Pali (a) Musa Pali built by an Indian missionary Musa in the time of 9th king of Mrauk_U 1513-1515 A.D. It stands Maungthagon Village, Mrauk-U.




Historic Budder Mukam built on the southern side of Akyab Island in 1750 in memory of the eminent Saint Allama Shah