Monday, 06 July 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A young student of religious studies from the Rohingya community was severely tortured after arrest while he was going to Hefez Khana (Quran memorial center) from his house on February 12, said a relative of the victim.

The victim has been identified as Usman Ghani (15), son of Sayed Hussain, from Maung Nama village of Maungdaw Township. He was going to Hafez Khana, which is in Wabag village, about a mile off Maung Nama village. There is a Natala village near Wabag.

On that day, at about 1 pm, when Usman Ghani was on the way to Hafez Khana, he was stopped by four Natala villagers and was brought near a Rakhine village and tied to a pole with a rope. After that he was tortured and stabbed by the Natala villagers without any provocation.

The four Natala villagers argued among themselves whether they should kill the boy but two were against killing him. So, the Natala villagers left the boy in the house. Luckily, the owner of the house, an old Rakhine gentleman, secretly brought the boy to his house before the Natala villagers arrived back.

At, present he is being treated for his injuries. His parents complained to the concerned authorities, but till now no action has been taken against the Natala villagers.

"The behavior of Natala villagers with the Rohingya community is becoming intolerable. One day there will be riots between Natala and Rohingya villagers if the situation is not brought under control by the authorities in time," a village elder said.

Besides, Natala villagers have been stealing cows of Rohingya farmers at night and the following day the farmers have to choose their cattle again from Natala villagers by giving money, which is near to the purchasing rate.

Recently, a Rohingya - Issaque, who was supplying stones to an NGO from Japan for bridge construction was stabbed to death by Natala villagers on a road between Bawli Bazaar and Maungdaw. He died in Maungdaw hospital, according to villagers.