Saturday, 17 April 2021

May 2006

Buthidaung, Burma: Unabated political and religious persecution by the Burmese military junta have been forcing more Rohingya’s to flee their homes and cross into Bangladesh.

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Rathedaung, Burma: For the Burmese military a free meal ticket is always welcome and it is never short of devising ways to get what its wants.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh: The Burmese military government has agreed to the repatriation of the remaining 21,172 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and expressed its willingness to take back 8,000 cleared by it earlier, reports our Dhaka correspondent.
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Teknaf, Bangladesh: The Nasaka, Burma’s border security force, snatched a fishing boat from Bangladesh territorial waters, on May 16, reports our correspondent.

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Maungdaw, Burma: With prices of essential commodities skyrocketing in Arakan State the poor are at their wits end, reports our correspondent.

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