Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Maesot, Thailand : Karen National Union (KNU) leader Saw Bo Mya passed away on December 24, 2006, while he was taking medical Treatment at Pawao Hospital of Maesot in Thailand , said KNU Head of Foreign Affairs, Saw David Taw.


He hailed from Papun of Karen State of Burma . He was the most respectful person among the Karen, Burman and other ethnic nationalities in Burma .


Ko Hla Aung, the president of NDPHR (Hqs in Paris), on behalf of Rohingya community, said, “We express our deep and profound condolences on the sad demise of General Saw Bo Mya.”


He passed away at the age of 78 after suffering from blood pressure and Diabetes at the aforesaid hospital at about 2:00 am today, according to KNU.


“The death of Karen leader General Saw Bo Mya was not only lost of the Karen people but also all the oppressed people of Burma . He sacrificed his life especially for his people’s freedom and all the people of Burma in general. His dedicated service will be remained forever in the minds and hearts of the people of Burma . We all pray to the God to grant eternal peace to his departed soul. We also pray to God to give enough patience and strength to the bereaved family to bear the loss with courage," said Salim Ullah, the Central Committee member of Arakan Rohingya National Organization (ARNO).


He was deeply loved by his people and other communities including Buddhists, Christians and Muslims in Burma .


He was the president of KNU from 1976 to 2000 a period of 24 years. After the election results in 2000, he became the Vice-chairman and took responsibility of the Karen Army.


In 2004 January, KNU leader Gen Mya initiated peace talks with Gen Khin Nyunt, former Prime Minister who was sacked from power in October 2004. This did not lessen the military offensive by the SPDC in Karen State .


The dead body of General Saw Bo Mya will be buried next Tuesday, according to sources.


Gen Saw Bo Mya left behind his wife, three daughters and four sons.