Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Diarrhea, fever and stomach’s pain are affecting the Rohingya refugee children at Bangladesh-Burma border recently, Zaffar Ullah, a community health worker from the camp said.

Many unregistered Rohingya refugee children of Leda (Tal) including registered refugee children of Nayapara camp have been suffering from various diseases since the end of April 2017, Zaffar added.
According to refugees, the affected children and elders are being given basic treatment through the IOM of Leda and Ministry of Health (MOH) of Nayapara official camp.
Mostly, refugee children (1 to 7 years) are suffering from these diseases, the refugees added.
Dudu Meah, a refugee committee member from Leda camp said, the refugee children and elders are being affected by diarrhea because of scarcity of pure drinking water and the fresh water of dam dried up that is being used by refugees.
The Rohingya refugees also have been facing problems from unhygienic conditions at Leda camp, the wastewater drains are jammed, the committee member further said.
Similarly, the new arrival Rohingya refugees are suffering from various diseases in Kutupalong makeshift camp, Balukhali camp and other places who fled to Bangladesh from Burma in military’s crackdown in October 2016, Kufayat said from the locality of Kutupalong camp.