Saturday, 17 April 2021

April 2017

The Border Guard of Bangladesh (BGB) seized with a large number of Yaba (methamphetamine) tablets along the Bangladesh-Burma border under the Teknaf municipal areas recently, Jamal Uddin, a local trader from Teknaf.

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Burmese Rohingya refugees have been facing an acute water crisis in Nayapara official and unregistered Leda (Tal) camps recently, Hussain Ahamed, a refugee from Nayapara camp said.

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A villager was injured by robbers during his attempt to arrest robbers at Thawan Chaung village of Maungdaw Township, on April 19, said Jamir from the village.

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A group of Border Guard Police (BGP) personnel arrested a village quack doctor and extorted Kyat 500,000 in Maungdaw south on April 20, Ruman, a relative of victim said.

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Tropical diseases such as skin diseases, chickenpox, fever, cough and vomiting have recently spread among the people in Maungdaw south, Fir Ahamed, a local villager from Maugdaw said.

skin disease effected child
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