Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Maungdaw, Arakan State: More armies have been deployed in Maungdaw south recently where the areas was not conflict, according to Mohin from Maungdaw.

The armies have stationed difference places of Maungdaw south - Aley Than Kyaw, Udaung, Myient Hlut, Shitapurika and other places, he added.

The villagers have to provided foods and other necessary things for armies which cost per mail 100,000 kyats. The poor Rohingyas faced very hardship to provide foods as they can’t able to work as the authority imposed emergency law which was not allow the Rohingya community to move and to gather more than five people, said an aide of police. 

Soldiers harass the villagers – Rohingya only- where they meet on the way. They snatch smart phones from the Rohingyas and release after beating up, the aide added.
Villagers from Maungdaw south are afraid for army movement like Maungdaw north, said Alam, a villager Aley Than Kyaw.