Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Maungdaw Arakan State:  The Burmese army and border Guard Police (BGP) jointly have been continuously carrying out mass arrests of the Rohingya civilians in Maungdaw and Rathedaung Townships, a trader Mozemmal from Balu Khali said. 

In the pretext of ‘Operation clean’ in Maungdaw and Rathedaung Townships since October 9, the Burmese armed forces have arbitrarily arrested Rohingya villagers, he further added.

The Burmese army arrested 10 villagers from Powet Chaung village tract and Maung Nama village tract of Maungdaw north on December 8, Lalu from Powet Chaung village said.
They are identified as---Hussain Ahmed (39), son of Khobir Ahmed, hailed from Balu Khali village; Hiar Mohamed (20), son of Sirazul Haque, hailed from Balu Khali; Islam (17), son of Hafez Ahmed, hailed from Balu Khali village; Bodi Alam (21), son of Zamir Hussain, hailed from Balu Khali  village;  Noor Amin (32), hailed from Powet Chaung village; Salamat (35), hailed from Powet Chaung village; Mohamed Hussain (30), hailed from Powet Chaung village;  Nobi Hussain (42), hailed from Maung Nama Gyi and two others from Powet Chaung village, he added.
Besides, the Burmese army burnt down a paddy harvest hive of Abdu Monaf (30), son of Abdul Azid, hailed from Balu Khali village of Maungdaw north.  Villagers estimated about 700 Taungs (one Taung= 14 seers) of paddy has been destroyed. They also burned down 5 tents, which have been built at fishing project in Maung Nama village tract, Lalu further said.
Moreover, on December 7, in the morning, two villagers, a man and a girl, were wounded when the Burmese military and BGP started raids on ‘Oo Shye Kya’ village and opened fire on the villagers who were trying to flee from arbitrary arrests. During the raids, 35 villagers were arrested and brought to their detention center, Mujid from the village said.
In addition, in two separate incidents on Dec 6 and 7, the Burmese military have arbitrarily arrested four Rohingya youths at ‘Chinkhali’ village in Rathedaung Township, without any evidence found against the victims. The arrestees are identified as—Imam Hussain (27), son of Aman Ullah; Jahin Gir ( aka) Zaw Win (25), Shaheb Meah; Abul Kasim (35), and Ziabu (30), Zamir said from Chinkhali village. 
Most of the villagers are not able to sleep in their villages for fear of arrest by the army, so, they are sleeping in paddy fields and in the jungles.  Some thousands of villagers haven’t shelters, food, clothing, clean drinking water and medicines that had been displaced from their villages because of burning down their villages by army and BGP personnel. Many people will die soon due to diseases and starvations. In fact, some have already died. Villagers have been passing their life in acute difficulties, a school teacher from Maungdaw Town said.