Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burmese army massacred over 500 Rohingya villagers in Hati Para (Sin Thae Pyin) village tract on November 25, including men, women and children, Boshor from Hati Para (village) said.

On that day, at around 3:30 am, about 200 Burmese army surrounded the Hati Para village tract including - Hati Para west, Hati Para east, Hatipara middle and Dil Para---and raided at 10:00 AM, plundering properties, shooting villagers indiscriminately, arbitrary arrest  and torturing the people, he more added. 
The army killed, estimated 500 villagers of Hati Para east including men, women and children. They killed these villagers by hitting on the head with an iron rod and then threw into water of an old lake. After that the army picked up the body (whether dead or alive) from the lake by villagers and dumping on the bank of the lake. This report is given by many villagers who were fleeing from the village.  But it is not confirmed information because villagers are not daring to enter inside the village as the army is present there, another villager Rashid said from the locality. 
Besides, another report said that 70 villagers were arrested by army on that day from Hati Para east and Dil Para villages and later they were released after being severely tortured. Of them Abdul Hafez (65), son of Sayed Ahmed died yesterday night because of pain of torture, Abdullah from Dil Para said.
In addition, in the morning, villagers found some dead bodies in the villages (Hati Para middle and Dil Para) after withdrawing army from the villages. They are identified as---Jahin Gir(25), son of Moulvi Jaffar; Nurul Amin(30), son of Abdu Shukur; Mostak (18), son of Salim; Ms fotoni (8), daughter of Hurul Amin; Esuf (28), son of Nur Boshor; and wounded Moulvi Mostafa Kamal (50), son of Osi Rahaman. There are many villagers missing from the villagers and will be found more dead bodies in the village if the army is withdrawn from the village, he more added.

Moreover, all the women and girls of Hati Para middle village have been gather in a paddy field out of the village and the army plundering cash and gold ornaments from them and also assaulted the women and girls after taking them into homes to those who were their choice on November 26, at about 3:00 pm, a woman from the group said on condition of anonymity. 
On the other hand, Natala villagers with the help of army were plundering Rohingya properties including kitchen things, rice, knives, motorcycles and cycles and etc., according to villagers