Chittagong, Bangladesh: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on November 6 that the government has planned for shifting Rohingya refugees to suitable places from the existing camps at Kutupalang and Nayapara in Cox's Bazar, according to PM's Press Secretary AKM Shameem Chowdhury told newsmen after the meeting, quoting the premier.

“The Prime Minister was speaking at a meeting with the high officials of the disaster management and relief ministry at Bangladesh Secretariat.”
“The Rohingya refugees will be shifted to a wider area as they are now living in a very inhumane condition.”
The refugee camp areas near the Cox's Bazar sea beach would be utilized for the development of tourism, the Prime Minister further added.
According to official statistics, some 34,000 registered Rohingya refugees (under supervised UNHCR) are now living in Bangladesh. However, the unofficial number of the refugees (not under UNHCR supervised) is 200,000 to 500,000.
When asked Asharff, a refugee teacher, he said “We have been living a very inhumane condition in the refugee camps since 1991-1992. So, we, the refugees give congratulation to the government of Bangladesh for taking decision of shifting the refugees from the existing place to a better place.”
According to sources, the government of Bangladesh has been halted the repatriation of Rohingya refugees since 2005.

Nur Alam, a unregistered refugee from Kutupalong, “The Bangladesh government didn’t mention about unregistered refugees living in Kutupalong and Leda. If, the authority shifted us same as the registered refugee, it will good for us, otherwise where we will go, if government change the areas for tourist spot.”