Monday, 27 September 2021

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Maungdaw high level officers from all departments had applied a new law for Rohingyas who were arrested –more than 100 rohingyas- recently for so-called population data collection or census, said Halim, a Human Rights Watchdog from Maungdaw.

The concerned authority – Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) officers, District Administration officer, Township administration officer, Army officers and Immigration officers - decided to file cases with a new law for Rohingyas who were arrested recently for refusing to identify as Bengali instated of Rohingya in so-called population data collection or census. The authority applied an Act to file cases with linked to Rohingya Solidarity Organization - RSO (a rebellion group), which was not functioning in the areas, Halim said.

The false allegation of linking with RSO was exposed by Medias, then the authority has applied a new law - used for illegal border crossing 13/1 act from Immigration law -  to 25 Rohingyas when  the authority processed them to Maungdaw court on October 27, Halim more added.

The authority compromised with Rohingyas arrestees before to process to the court. The officers will not use “the linked with RSO” which will give Rohingyas for long termed jail, but used the 13/1 Immigration act for short termed jail. So the Rohingyas agreed to confess that they went to Bangladesh and come back to Burma without permission, at the court, according to reliable source from government office.

The Rohingya who were processed to the court must be bowed their head till to their waists when the Rohingya entered into court compound from the vehicle. They can’t show their face to public and talk. It is second point in the compromise, the source more said.

Finally, the court sentenced five years jail term to 25 Rohingyas – the one fourth of all Rohingyas arrestee recently in Maungdaw- which the court applied according to regional law, the source more added.

Moreover, the authority are planning to arrest all the Rohingya male from the areas expect the children, female and old age persons, to demolish Rohingya community in the areas, said Fasal Ahmed from Maungdaw who is working in an office as translator.