Monday, 28 September 2020

By Tin Soe

Maungdaw, Arakan State:
Security personnel in Maungdaw Township are directly or indirectly involved in criminal activity, where easy money can be had from local criminal elements, said a local elder from Maungdaw.

On a tip off, a section of policemen from Maungdaw police station arrested an Arakanese Rakhine community, Kyaw Hin from Block number 1, in Maungdaw Township, when he was running a gambling den in his house on December 26, night at 9 p.m., said a police source.

The police arrested Kyaw Hin and seized the board money, but no gambler was arrested, the source said.

After Kyaw Hin’s arrest, a military intelligent personnel ( Sarapa) who is associated of the group, Sergeant Aung Ko Oo got in touch with Hla Myo Shin, the District Police Commissioner (DPC) for his release.  At 10 p.m. Kyaw Hin was released on the order of the DPC, the source added.

Sergeant Aung Ko Oo is a military intelligence personnel close to the DPC. They work with local people involved in drug smuggling, gambling and other criminal activities. Easy money is earned given the nexus with the group, said an officer in Maungdaw police station.

Sergeant Aung Ko Oo uses his position to arrest and torture local people not supporting and cooperating with him, the officer added.

“If officers or employees of government departments do not support him, they are transferred to rural area,” the officer said.

The sergeant arrested and tortured two Arakanese Rohingya bothers on false allegations of drug smuggling (Yaba). One of the brother’s died of torture and the other was paralyzed on August 2009. After this incident he was transferred to Bawli Bazaar. Now he is back in Maungdaw, said a source from the Township office.

“He and the DPC are working hand in hand and are involved in criminal activity and harassing innocent local people,” said a student from Maungdaw.