Saturday, 31 October 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma’s border security force, Nasaka, extorted Kyat 500,000 from a parent due to his son’s death by a buffalo, while he was rearing cattle on November 29, a close relative of the victim said, on condition of anonymity.  

The victim has been identified as the son of Tazer Muluk. He hailed from Naribill East village of Maungdaw Township. The father was absent when the incident occurred, so the mother of the boy was called to the Nasaka camp for investigation. However, later she was released.

On November 28, in the morning, Md. Idris (10), a student of class III, son of Tazer Muluk was killed by a buffalo, while he was feeding cattle in the compound of his house. When the boy was feeding the cattle, the buffalo suddenly struck the boy with its horn and gored his stomach. The child died on the spot. 

Immediately, the parents of the boy informed the concerned Nasaka camp and police station. The body was brought to Maungdaw General Hospital for post-mortem and the following day, the body was returned to his relatives. Later, in the evening, the boy was buried at his native village cemetery. 

However, the parents of the boy had to pay Kyat 500, 000 to the Court of Maungdaw Town, TPDC (Township Peace and Development Council) office, District Peace and Development Council (DPDC) office, and District police officer of Maungdaw, on allegations that the parents did not take care of their son, said a local trader.

Besides, Nasaka Commander Major Nay Myo of Nasaka area No. 6 demanded Kyat 500,000 more from the parents. The buffalo was also brought to the Nasaka headquarters, according to a Nasaka aide.

“The parents lost their son, their buffalo and had to pay a lot of money to the concerned authorities regarding the incident. It was an accidental death, yet why the concerned authorities extracted money from the parents is uncertain,” said another close relative of the victim.

A village elder said, “In other countries, except Burma, if people encounter problems like accidental death, the concerned authorities come forward to help the victim, but, in Burma it is quite different.”