Saturday, 31 October 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State : Burma ’s border security force’s (Nasaka’s) capricious arrest and extortion continues against the Arakanese Rohingya people in Maungdaw Township , notwithstanding international pressure on the ruling military junta, said a local schoolteacher on condition of anonymity.

On December 2, Nasaka of Balu Khali (Thee Chaung) Nasaka camp in Maungdaw Township arrested Noor Mohamed (23), son of Tayub from Balu Khali village on the allegation that he has a mobile set.

Nasaka personnel from the camp searched his house but did not find any mobile set. However, he was accused of having a mobile. The arrestee denied having a mobile set. But, Nasaka did not pay heed. They said “we need money” whether you have a mobile phone or not, said a friend of the victim. 

The Nasaka demanded Kyat 300,000 from him not to press charges. However, later, he was released after he paid Kyat 250,000. If he had not paid he would have been arrested and tortured in their camp until they got the money. They have the right to arrest people without any document or judicial order. 

A relative of the victim said, “Every villager knows that he has no mobile phone. But he has to pay money out of fear of arrest and torture.”

Besides, Sharif Hussain (50), son of Sultan, hailed from Maung Nama village was arrested by Nasaka personnel of Kawarbill headquarters of Maungdaw Township a month ago instead of his son Abul Hussain(20). Earlier, Abul Hussain was arrested by Nasaka on the allegation that he was involved in illegal timber trade. Later, he was sent to Maungdaw police station and was released by Maungdaw court, said a businessman from the locality.

After he was released, the Nasaka tried to arrest him again, so he went into hiding. The Nasaka arrested his father Sharif Hussain instead and is detaining him in the Nasaka camp.

A local trader said, “The issue is related to Abul Hussain, not his father Sharif Hussain. He was released by Maungdaw Court . Why is the Nasaka trying to arrest him again? Is this justice?”