Friday, 25 September 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Township Peace and Development Council (TPDC) issued a stern warning to village authorities at a quarterly meeting in Maungdaw Township that their jobs would be jeopardized if they supported the National Democratic Party for Development (NDPD) in the upcoming election, according to one a village leader who attended the meeting.

TPDC Chairman Aung Kyaw Oo convened the meeting, which included 70 Village Peace and Development Council (VPDC) officials, at Thirimagahla Hall in Maungdaw.

Aung Kyaw Oo told 21 of the VPDC officials not to support the NDPD in the national election scheduled for November 7, said an aide in the TPDC office.

“The VPDC officers are not allowed to be involved in politics, but they are fully supporting the National Democratic Party for Development (NDPD) after party officials visited their villages,” Aung Kyaw Oo said at the meeting, according to the aide.

“You will be fired from your jobs if you support the political party in the future,” the chairman reportedly said.

One village authority said it was not possible to Aung Kyaw Oo’s orders.

“We are not able to block political party campaigning in our village, as the party has permission from the election commission to operate there, and we are also not able to stop our people from attending events,” the village authority said.

“For this reason, if the TPDC wants to fire us, that is okay with us because we are not able to do what the chairman has ordered,” he added.