Saturday, 31 October 2020

Since July 11, 2013 Muslims around the world has been celebrating the holy month of Ramadan in the world. But, in Arakan State, Rohingya Muslim is passing Ramadan month with acute difficulties.

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Commentary by Fayas
Repeatedly, ruthless stories on Rohingya people in Arakan under the racist Burma’s security forces are taking since long. There are many tragedies that remain untold. As human beings, regardless of the one’s religion, a human being deserves his/her honor and dignity of being human at the place where he/she is present.
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By Fayas Ahmed

Many a people asked the question: “Why did the Rakhine mobs with the collaboration of security forces attack the Rohingya dwellers in rural areas and towns across the Arakan State?” The direct answer to the point, as many experienced, is the Rakhines are deeply influenced by racism and Islamophobia. For being Muslims in South Asian appearance in contrast to South Asian, the Rakhines do not tolerate them although the Rohingya and their fellow Muslims in Arakan are true embodiment of  the ancient inhabitants of Arakan -- the people of Chandra dynasty in particular -- whilst the rulers and ruled were Indians similar to that of Bengal.  Mention may be made that in recent historical seminar held in Naypyidaw the Rakhines, with their make-believe history, made unsuccessful attempt to deny Rohingya’s historical roots in Arakan. Analysts comment it as a ‘disappointment’ for most Rakhines. 
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by Fayas Ahmed


Rohingya babies and children are dying from malnutrition inside the camps or outside the camp in Arakan State. The President Thein Sein’s government is implementing its own ethnic cleansing policy, using starvation in place of shooting to kill Rohingyas.

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All available information leads us to believe there has been orchestrated campaign in Burma to change demography to make the country Buddhist state where there is no place for other ethnic minorities, to say the least.

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