Wednesday, 20 June 2018
Teknaf, Bangladesh: The Word Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) distributed rations among undocumented refugees in a makeshift camp today, said a Majee from the camp.

The rations were provided by WAMY and distributed to the makeshift (Tal) Dum Dum Meah camp through Majees. The security establishment in Bangladesh cooperated in the distribution process.

WAMY representatives, at about 8:50 a.m. today distributed 15-kilogram of rice, one kilogram of potato, 0.5 kilogram of onions, one kilogram of salt, 0.60 kilogram of vermicelli, one kilogram of milk (liquid), 0.5 kilogram of sugar, and one coconut per family accounting for  20 kilograms per family, according to refugees.

The rations were distributed to the Dum Dum Meah makeshift camp, which is in Cox's Bazaar district, Bangladesh south. Over 10,000 refugees are now living in the makeshift camp.

Besides, another NGO named Hekmutul Insania, at about 7 a.m. today distributed 10 kilograms of rice per family at the same make shift camp. The NGO distributed about 2,100 sacks (50-kg bag) of rice among the refugees, said a Majee.

"I am very happy to receive rations, as we have been suffering for a long time because of scarcity of food.  This helps our families,” Rashida Begum (35), said.

"I am very glad I received the rations. We will celebrate Eid Festival happily," another refugee Noor Mohamed (50) said.

Refugees including the old and the young are very happy as they have received rations before Eid-ul-Fitre.

The camp is 800 meters long by 30 to 50 meters wide. It is situated on the bank of the Naf River and is next to the main road between Teknaf and Cox's Bazaar, 7 kilometres north of Teknaf town. The area of the current Tal camp is totally inappropriate and insufficient for the number of people it houses, especially given its terrible location between the water and the road.