Thursday, 26 April 2018
Teknaf, Bangladesh: Fifteen monks were arrested from Bangladesh-Burma border area by BDR (Bangladesh Rifles) on September 3 and 4 while they were entering Bangladesh from Burma, said a local from border side.

Now, the Burma’s Border Security Force (Nasaka) has been tightened the Burma-Bangladesh border since September 19, as of there was continue protests in Burma. Some of the protesters have been started to flee from the country to avoid the arrest after crack downed the demonstrators in Burma. 

On September 3, 4 fifteen-monks entered Bangladesh through the border of Taungbro, Goondon, Baish Pari and Whykong. They were arrested by BDR of Taungbro, Goondon and Whykong BDR camps which are under the Bandarban and Cox’s Bazar districts, said a close assistant to BDR.

After the arrest, they were taken away by the concerned authorities for further investigations. The arrested monks claimed that they are citizens of Bangladesh. They went Burma to achieve religious language. But, of them, six monks do not know how to write and speak Bengali. The BDR and intelligent members of Bangladesh believe that they maybe involved recent demonstrations in Burma and so they flee to Bangladesh to fear of arrest.

If they are proofed to be Burmese citizens, they will need international and concerned Burmese exiled organizations’ help, said a Rakhine who was unwilling to be named, from Cox’s Bazar.

According to people of border areas, BDR also taking tight security on Bangladesh-Burma border to stop people from Burma entering Bangladesh.