Sunday, 26 May 2019

Abid Bahar

A lesson needed to be learned by the Rakhine Moghs after it lost its legendary Arakan kingdom that anarchy and hatred against others in society could also be self-inflicting that it creates division within the society causing outsiders to interfere in its internal affairs. However, in the ever decaying Arakan, the Rakhine Mogh refuse to learn and the culture of anarchy continues.  Now the Mogh Rakhines have turned their vigorous menace not against anybody from outside but against the local minorities, particularly against the Muslim population of Arakan known as the Rohingyas, thus the cycle of  Rohingya suffering continues. With the culture of anarchy growing to its climax, in 1942 there was a huge bloodbath of Rohingyas in all over Arakan. To the Rohingyas it is still remembered as the Karbalae Arakan (the doomsday in Arakan). Ever since, there has been more organized efforts in 1978, 1992-93 to commit massacre on the Rohingyas of Arakan resulting in the displacement of the Rohingya population all over the world.

Alarmed by this continued lawlessness and the hoodlum's growing massacres and threat, Rohingya leaders have been reminding the world community that there has been a systematic Rohingya genocide going on in Arakan. The genocide began in a large scale from the 30's when the name "Rakhine" was first officially coined. This radical nationalist movement was inspired by the Rakhine xenophobic leaders ( surprisingly some are even leading Rakhine Buddhist priests) propagating that Rohingyas are foreigners in Arakan. In reality however, Rohingyas have been in Arakan from the 7th century, long before the arrival of the Rakhines. History records that, Mogh Rakhines, a Tibeto- Burman group arrived in Arakan only during the 11th century by defeating the Indian king of the Chandras.

During the 1942 riot between the Rakhine Moghs and the Rohingyas, over a 100,000 Rohingya were killed and more people fled Arakan to take shelter in Southern Chittagong. This trend continues till today. It is shocking that in this present massacre, neither the president of Burma nor Aung San Su Kyi made a statement condemning the brutal murder of these people traveling by bus till on June 6 morning . Mogh Rakhines are only 5% of the Burmese population. We wonder why some of the prominent citizens of Burma are silent on this issue!

In this alarming situation, Rohingyas in large numbers take shelter in Bangladesh. We also have report that to escape from the Burmese government's actions against many of the Rakhine terrorist hoodlums, the culprits cross over to Bangladesh territory and find safe heaven in Bangladesh. Unfortunately instead of such terrorists to be identified and handed over to the Burmese government, Hasina's anti Muslim AL government advisers one being Sajb Wajed find the suffering Rohingyas as the terrorists.

It seems that there must be something wrong in the politically motivated global human rights movements. Thus, like many other suffering minorities, Rohingya suffering in Arakan continues in murder, rape, forced labor and in outside the country, Rohingyas as the boat people dies of hunger in the Bay or them in distant countries seeking a shelter refused. In all these, their suffering is growing to a new height.

No doubt, it has to be stopped at the source by the Burmese people with government help through finding the culprits who had committed the Rohingya murders in the broad day light and finding those people who are behind them provoking the hoodlums to attack the innocent Burmese Rohingya people traveling within Burma- their place of birth. In Burma's failure, the 1942 massacre will continue to revisit Burma. To us the humanity, and to the Rohingyas in particular "Each man's death diminishes me,.. Therefore, don't send... to know, for whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee."