Monday, 23 April 2018

Buthidaung, Arakan State: Burma’s concerned authorities still force to Rohingya students to use Form “4”, while trip to Sittwe University for study from their native townships, said a university student from Sittwe University who denied to be named. 

“The Form ‘4’ is normally used for foreigners while traveling from one place to another which is provided by immigration. But, Rohingya students have to hold this Form for travelling though they are the citizens of Burma.”

A student from Buthidaung said he/she must go to the local village administration officer first with his/her family list and student Identity Card to get recommendation letter from him that the student is living in the village. Sometime the officer asked 1000 kyat as a fee, said another university student who also preferred not to be named.

“After requiring the village chairman’s recommendation letter,  we have  to go to  Township immigration office, where we have to submit our family list ( original copy), student identity card ( photo copy),  money receipt from Sittwe University  ( photo copy),  National Identity card (photo copy),  original copy of village chairman’s  certificate,  an recommendation letter (photo copy) signed by three local elders which  certifies that  we are the native of the village and four passport  sized  photos. Then we have to make three copies of all documents and to submit it to the immigration office.”

“After 10 days, we are summoned to the immigration office and we will receive Form ‘4’ from the immigration office where we have to pay Kyat 1,000.”

“After obtaining all the documents from the immigration office, we are able to go to Sittwe, the capital of Arakan State, about 80 miles away from Buthidaung town.  When we are at the jetty of Buthidaung for journey to Sittwe, the immigration of the jetty takes Kyat 1,000 from us.”

When the student reaches at the jetty of Sittwe from Buthidaung, a group of immigration from the State Immigration office will approaches to the student and asks him/ her to pay Kyat 2,000. After taking money, the immigration officer will sign a signature on the documents that the student has arrived at Sittwe.

Instantly, the student has to go to the State Immigration headquarters of Sittwe, where he/she will receive a document on which  entry is  sealed  and will also  receive a photo copy of  Form ‘4’.  He/she will pay Kyat 1,000 to the immigration office, said a first year student from Sittwe University.

“After getting this document, the student is able to stay at Sittwe for four months for study.”

“After 4-month, the student must return to his home. To return to his/her native place, the student has to go to the State immigration office again where the student has to surrender his photo copy of Form “4” to get original Form “4” from the office. After getting it, he /she is able to return to his home where he /she has to pay Kyat 1,000.”

“In return journey, he/she has also to pay money to the concerned authorities like first trip while way back home.”

Earlier, this extortion money is triple than the present money. After some upper parliament members of Maungdaw district approaching to the concerned authorities,   this money is reduced, said a local elder on condition of anonymity.

Students accompanied by their parents are disappointed and upset for facing difficulties for studding in university while the students of other minority groups are free from these difficulties, said a local teacher.

The whole Rohingya community will be more disappointed, upset and the illiteracy rate of the Rohingya community in future will be increased from the resistant rate if the policy of government is going on, said a politician from Maungdaw town not revealing his name.