Monday, 18 June 2018

Naikonchari, Bangladesh: A Flag meeting was held between the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and The Burma border security force (Nasaka) at pillar number 46 of Burma-Bangladesh border on April 30, according to a local elder named Kamal.

“The meeting has been holding monthly in the border between two countries’ security personnel –BGB and Nasaka- for exchanging and discussing various border issues on current situation.”

Siraj, the BGB Commander of Asartali out post under Bandarban district, Bangladesh led eight BGB personnel in the meeting where U Aye Sein led eight Nasaka personnel of Burma in the meeting,  BGB official source said.

BGB personnel returned some lost cattle which were found inside Bangladesh to Nasaka personnel after meeting, the source said.

The meeting was started at 10:00 am and ended 11: 00 am.

Sources also said that many Yaba tablets, smuggling goods and drugs are being smuggled into Bangladesh from Burma through syndicates who live along the border. Bangladesh authorities have been trying to stop smuggling but they can’t.