Monday, 18 June 2018

Maungdaw, ARakan State: Local people from Maungdaw fear for their daily life struggle after sole agents tenders were announced on March 3 , said a trader  from Maungdaw.

“The tender price is more than twice than last year and the sole agents will collect more their fee on consumers’ goods and daily life of people.”

Kyat 1.2 million for slaughter license – sole agent-  which no different from last year , but the market and wheel and road licenses are going more than double price than last year, said a businessman from Maungdaw.

“Kyat 11.8 million for market license which was 5.8 million and Kyat 16 million for wheel and road license which was 8.6 million last year.”

The agents are;-- Maung Maung Sein for  slaughter , Than Khey alias Paungmay for market and Maung Maung Zaw for wheel and road,

Kyaw Saw, ex-military intelligence personnel had tried to control -- the market, wheel and road -- sectors and asked to former agents to give him ten million kyat for not involving in the sole agent auction (tenders) sale, according to an officer who involve in the tender sale.

It is learn that Kyaw Saw, the agent of fishing sector in Maungdaw south who harass the fishermen with help of authority and most of fishermen lost their business for high toll collecting. It is now trying to control and monopoly and to harass the Rohingya business of Maungdaw with this sole agent system.

The Arakan state economic minister and the head officer of Akyab municipal were present with other officials during tender sale program which held in Thirimangala Hall in Maungdaw.