Monday, 18 June 2018

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Teachers from Aley Than Kyaw high school have been collecting extra money from students for coaching and exam fee in the academic year of 2011-2012, which hampered to the poor students, said one of the parents of a student.

“The high school is controlled by its headmaster and collecting money from students per month and fee for sitting examination and to give them pass after final examination.”

The headmaster of the school collects Kyat 1,000 per head from class-half students, Kyat 1,500 from class-one students, Kyat 2,000 from (class-two and three) students, Kyat 4,000 from class-(four and five) students, Kyat 7,000 from class-six students, Kyat 7.5000 from even students, Kyat 15,000 from class-eight students, and class nine students, said a trader from the locality. 

This money is for extra tuition fees, monthly exam fees  which is huge amount for poor students,

The poor students are not able to pay the extra money, so they are not able to attend the coaching classes within the academic year, said one of the fathers of a student.

“We had never given money for extra classes that the schoolteachers took earlier and there was no collection for monthly exam,” said a student.

“If the collection is going on, more students will be got out of the school for fee,” said a local elder.

But, some of the students attend to the coaching classes in the area as the school classes are not sufficient to pass the final exam, said a mother of a student.

“There are over 800 students in the school, so the teachers will get a big amount from the students. The final exam will be held on February 14.”

Education is the back bone of a nation. But, poor students are not able to study in schools because of financial crisis, said a retired school teacher from the locality.