Monday, 23 April 2018

Naikhonchari, Bangladesh: A meeting was held on February 8, on Burma- Bangladesh border between two neighboring countries to resolve the fencing problem between two countries, said a BGB aide from border area of Naikhongchari.

“Brigadier General Wayhiduz Zaman, the Public Service Commission (PSC) and also National Development Council (NDC) led the Bangladesh delegation, while U Win Lwin, the head of Survey Department led the Burma’s delegation. They held a meeting at Lemusari border of Naikhongchari upazila of Bandarban District.” 

The meeting was successfully completed on that day without getting concrete result, said the Brigadier Gen Wayhiduz Zaman.

“Burma had already finished construction of barbed wire fence along the Burma- Bangladesh border from pillar No.32 to pillar No .55, a distance of 80 kilometers without taking any opinion from Bangladesh authority.”

“Burma built barbed wire fence along the border intruding to Bangladesh area from pillar Nos. 35, 42, 48, 49, 50 and 51. Regarding this, the concerned authority of Bangladesh held meetings frequently with the Burmese authorities, but the Burmese authority did not stop their construction works along the border and also did not withdraw from inside Bangladesh.”

However, Burma’s authorities have been carrying all the necessary materials (pillar, cement, sand, barbed wire, etc) for erecting barbed wire fence along the Burma-Bangladesh border. The Burma’s authority wants to build barbed wire fence from pillar No.32 to pillar No. 99 of Alikodom border of Bangladesh, according to BGB official. 

Brigadier general Wayhiduz Zaman, the leader of Bangladesh team said that he will try to resolve the problem between the two countries and asked the journalists not to highlight the border issue.

The distance of the fence from the zero point will be 100 meters into Burmese border. But Burma’s authority intruded to some areas of Bangladesh. Bangladesh shares in total 193 kilometers common border. Burma’s army began its border fencing in early 2009 and has already erected concrete pillars of 120 km along the Naff River, according to official source. 

Burma’s authority made the border fence to obstruct cross-border smuggling, plan to stop illegal cross-border trade and also to prevent narcotics and human trafficking, according to Burma’s sources.