Monday, 18 June 2018

Ukhiya, Bangladesh: Tropical diseases -- chicken pox, pneumonia and measles-- have spread inside Kutuplong makeshift (unregistered) camp and Lada camp recently, said a refugee elder from the Kutupalong makeshift camp.

Many children have fallen ill with various diseases and illnesses such as chickenpox measles and fever

”Many refugee children including some woman have been suffering from chicken pox and measles since middle of January 2012. The affected children are taken to the clinic of Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) where doctor provided medicine to refugees.”

“Mostly the refugee children under five to seven years old are suffering with these diseases.”

The Kutupalong makeshift camp is situated on the hills and open field where cool air waves cross the camps where the shacks of the refugees are made with plastics, bushes and branches. The refugees are suffering cool as they have no warm cloth to protect the cool waves. The refugee children are now suffering with pneumonia, cold and etc., said a refugee health worker from the camp.

A refugee kid with skin diseases  in the camp

Similarly, over 12,000 undocumented refugees live in the Leda (unregistered) camp is also facing topical diseases recently, said an aide who works in the Muslim Aids.

Over 40,000 Rohingya refugees live in Kutupalong makeshift and more than 12000 refugees in Lada camp, without recognizing from UNHCR or Bangladeshi authorities.

The refugees are working with their own styles to survive their live but some time the authority and local people bar to them to go for work, said an aide member of NGO form border.