Friday, 22 June 2018

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Fake Burmese notes are running in Maungdaw business market since 2012 New Year started, said a business man from Maungdaw who denied mentioning his named.

“These fake notes are running with big businessmen with the help of authority.”

The fake note affected the poor people who are working as rickshaw puller, day labor and most of the rural people who don’t know the fake and original one where they are using the money for their daily life, said a school teacher from Maungdaw.

“The fake notes are also using in payment while the businessmen are dealing in the smuggling and exchange.”

Zaibul Haque, the owner of Hitachi electronic and electric shop # 2, had paid his payment with fake notes to his friend for motorcycle after sunset where the motorbike owner didn’t check the money as the payment was given by his friends on January 10. But, when he reached his home, he checked the money where he found 500,000 fake notes and 600,000 original Burmese note, said a businessman from Maungdaw.

“I informed to my friend early morning at his home about the fake notes, but he denied accepting the statement. So, I informed to his father and other businessmen to solve the problem. The businessmen also requested to Zaibul to change the money but zaibul not accepting the request,” said motorbike owner.

“Hamid Hussain, the father of Zaibul also said he didn’t know about the matter and he can’t solve it.”

The Humid family are known as Hitachi and they are also collaborators of police, military intelligent and Burmese border security force (Nasaka).They work all illegal jobs with showing electronic shops. They are drug smuggler and dealer of Bangladeshi mobile phone. They have all connection of all illegal works. So, they may be distributing the fake notes in the Maungdaw, said a drug watchdog from Maungdaw.

“In Maungdaw, the most drug dealers are authority officers and Rakhine community who are able to move easily from Maungdaw to upper Burma to bring the drugs with them or with their agents.”