Monday, 23 April 2018

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A woman was arrested by the Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) on December 15, in Maungdaw Township over the allegation that she has been involving in illicit affairs with local boys since six months ago, said a relative of the victim on condition of anonymity.  

“The arrestee was identified as Ms Mostafa Khatun (35), wife of Haso, hailed from Naribill (Kyauk Pyin Seik) village of Maungdaw Township. Her husband is now living in Malaysia. She has three children; the eldest daughter is about 15 years old.”

A group of Nasaka personnel from Nari Bill Nasaka out-post camp went to the village and arrested Ms. Mostafa on December 15 at night and kept her in their camp where Nasaka demand kyat 200,000 for release. She was released from detention after paying the demanded money by her relatives on December 15.  The Nasaka’s collaborator Korim Mullah (28), son of Abdu Razak, the current village administration officer informed about  receiving of money from her husband who work in Malaysia, according to a villager who is neighbor of the victim.

“The Nasaka with the cooperation of Korim Mullah also arrested Mohamed Rofique (30), son of Mostabiz, and Sadam Hussain (18), son of Han Puru, hailed from the same village who has brothers in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The two youths were arrested over the accusation that they had involved with her (Ms Mostafa) with illicit affairs. Nasaka knows that they will get money from them, if they are threatened.”  

However, Rofique was released after paying Kyat 200,000, and Sadam Hussain was released after paying Kyat 100.000 to the Nasaka, said a close relative of victim Rofique. 

“The two youths had not taken any illicit affairs with her as they have good characters. Ms Mostafa is also a good woman. We live in the village, so, we know all of them. It is only false and fabricated allegation against them only for extortion money, “said a local elder from the village who denied to be named.

“It is only created by the current village administration officer with the help of local Nasaka of Nari Bill Nasaka out-post under the Nasaka area No.6 of Maungdaw Township for extortion money, ” said another local businessman.

A religious leader said, “This allegation is hampered to the dignity of Ms Mostafa as she has husband in Malaysia who is working hard for his family.”

“Without any proof, or eye witness, how the Nasaka and the Nasaka’s collaborator did know that they were involved in illicit affairs,” said a local trader who denied to be named.

“Without any objection from the villagers, why the Nasaka does arrests and extorts money from the villagers?” said a local youth.