Monday, 23 April 2018

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) arrested 47 Rohingyas on November 21 from various points of borderline who were pushed back all to Burma on that day at about 2:00 pm, the BGB official said. 

“The BGB arrested the Rohingyas from Shapuri Dip to Taungbro along the borderline while entering Bangladesh for various purposes. The BGB personnel arrested 17 Rohingyas from Nayapa area, 8 members from Dum Dum Meah area, 21 members from Zeman Khali area and one member from Shapuri Dip, in total 47 members.” 

The BGB increased patrol in border areas and arrested Rohingya people frequently and pushed back to Burma, said a local elder from border area who did not mention his name.

The BGB personnel of Whaikong seized various kinds of medicines worth about Taka 361,500 from Burma-Bangladesh border while being smuggled to Bangladesh from Burma, the BGB official said. 

The BGB also seized about 1,000 Yaba tablets from Teknaf- Cox’s Bazar road that came from Arakan State, Burma which confirmed by the 42 BGB Battalion Commander Lt. Col Zahid Hassan of Teknaf.