Friday, 22 June 2018

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The school headmistress of Myoma Kayandan Primary school had kept WFP      (World Food Program) rice without distribution to students, according to a parent of a student.

“The headmistress, Daw Mya Thein and her daughter, Shwe Anin Pyu (primary school teacher)  sold out more than 10 sacks of rice which were not distributed to the students.”

“The school is getting every month 200 rice sacks for students who were registered by WFP.”

“The school authority (Headmistress and her daughter) are distributing 10 kilogram rice per student, but  really the student get less than 10 kg  when distributes the rice.”

“The headmistress didn’t distribute rice to the students who are absent at the time while the rice is distributed.”

“Every month, the headmistress had kept WFP rice more than 10 sacks which were sold by her and the money is going to her pocket, not to school development.”

The WFP contributes rice in all primary schools except inside municipal area of Maungdaw, said a school teacher.

“The WFP was going to set up a program to increase students in the rural areas of primary schools by providing rice to the students. But, the program was only collecting the quantity of students, not quality of students.”

“The students who received the rice of WFP, must be passed the final examination whether he/she know learning or not.”