Wednesday, 20 June 2018

On January 23, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has launched a major report, called Carrying the Cross: the military regime’s campaign of restriction, persecution against Christians in Burma , according to the report of CSW.


It is the first of its kind, the most comprehensive study of the regime's treatment of Christians across denominations and ethnicities, and most importantly, it will complement the reports that already exist on the persecution of Muslims, the report further added.


On the same day, a group of Members of the British Parliament has tabled an Early Day Motion to highlight the regime's violations of religious freedom, and mentioned the persecution of Christians and Muslims, and the imprisonment of Buddhist monks.


At the same time, a delegation of Chin and Kachin activists visiting London , who spoke at the launch of the report. The report has been launched at a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Burma , chaired by John Bercow MP, at about 7:00 pm in the Jubilee Room in Parliament, London .


This is an outstanding report, which provides the most comprehensive analysis of the State Peace and Development Council’s (SPDC’s) policies, bigotry and hostility towards non-Buddhist peoples, particularly towards Christians in Burma , the statement of ARNO said on 24th January 2007.


 It gives a strong and clear picture how Burma ’s Christian population faces the military regime’s explicit campaign of restriction, discrimination and persecution.


The report of CSW also speaks out about the persecution of Muslims in Burma and expresses its concern that the Muslim Rohingya people are particularly singled out for their religion and face denial of citizenship rights, restriction on movement, forced labor, torture and rape. In fact, the report is an evidence of religious discrimination of non-Buddhist peoples and crimes against humanity of persecution against Christians and Muslims as well as non-Burman nationality groups in Burma, the statement  of ARNO           ( Arakan Rohingya National Organization) added.


The statement more added that Burma for the present ruling military junta is a Burman nation and their one supreme goal is to bring to life the all-round glory and greatness of their military pride. Therefore, the report rightly states, “those who do not conform with to the regime’s version of Burman Buddhist nationalism – which the report argues, is a ‘perverted and distorted form of Buddhism’- face ‘potentially serious consequences.’ It uses Buddhism as a political tool to oppress non-Buddhists.”


In the press release of ARNO , more stated that they are very much thankful to the author of the report, CSW’s Advocacy Officer for South Asia Benedict Rogers, for this rare contribution. The reports unveil the true character of the ruling Burmese military regime which it claims is “shaped by a fascist mentality with echoes of Hitler and Nazis”, found in the junta’s hostility towards ethnic and religious minorities.


The press release of ARNO further stated that “in solidarity with CSW”, the ARNO calls on the SPDC to stop all violations of religious freedom and urges the UN Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Religion and Belief to investigate the violations of religious freedom reported in Burma .


The statement of ARNO also calls on the UN Security Council to pass a binding resolution requiring the SPDC to release all prisoners of conscience, permit unhindered excess to all parts of the country for international humanitarian organizations, and engage in meaningful tripartite dialogue with the pro-democracy and ethnic nationality groups, including Rohingya.