Thursday, 26 April 2018

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Maungdaw drug dealers are using the local people of Maungdaw to carry their drugs to Bangladesh and encouraging young people to experiment with drugs, according to Mohamed Hussin, an elder from Maungdaw.

The drug dealer packed the Yaba with plastic bag to carry to Bangladesh or other area

The drug dealers include Hla Maung, Zaw Win, Aung Than, Nyi Nyi, Fayas Ullah, Bo Maung, U Hla Myint, Shwe Ainn, the San Hair Collection Center, Ngwetike Sleeper House, Hla Myint, the owner of Maha Computer market, Young Start Motorcycle Workshop, Thangyi, and Hitachi Electronics.

“Hla Maung and Zaw Win are brothers hailing from Block No.Two. They use the authorities’ drugs to distribute in Maungdaw and transport to Bangladesh with the help of high-level Maungdaw authorities.”

“The two brothers are also encouraging the local people to engage in the drug business, and using drug addicts to carry their drugs from Maungdaw town to other rural areas of Maungdaw where their consignments will be transported easily with the help of the authorities to Bangladesh,” said a drug addict who does not want his name to be mentioned.

“Recently a drug peddler was arrested at the gate of the Burma Border Security Force’s Headquarters on July 11, but the two brothers didn’t follow the accident till now.”

“Hla Maung was also arrested because of the allegations of his drug dealing partner on June 11. A huge Yaba consignment with a police officer’s family member was arrested at Buthidaung Jetty. But, he was released from the case with the help of a high-level officer from Maungdaw and continues the controlling of the drug business.” 

Members of the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), Aung Than, Nyi Nyi, and Fayas Ullah, are working for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) sub inspector to distribute the drug Yaba inside Maungdaw and to transport it to Bangladesh. The DEA officer carries the drugs from upper Burma with the help of his wife, Daw San San Poin, who was born in Taunggyi Township. She visits two times a month and carries the drugs to Buthidaung, then the DEA officer carries them to Maungdaw with his motorcycle, said an aide from the DEA office.

“The DEA officer doesn’t show any seized drugs in Maungdaw to high authorities, nor does he burn any drugs.”

“Other drug dealers are also using locals to transport drugs to Bangladesh as the Rohingya from northern Arakan are not allowed to travel to Akyab or other towns expect Buthidaung. The drugs are brought to Maungdaw by officers who use the Rohingya to transport drugs to Bangladesh or to encourage local young people in Maungdaw to engage in the drug business.”

“Most of the Rohingya are the victims of the security force to extort money with allegations of drug dealers who are mostly drug addicts or businessmen.”

Furthermore, the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Battalion number 42 seized 4,395 Yaba methamphetamine tablets at the Dum Dum Meah and Whykong check-posts under Teknaf Police Station on July 17, said a trader from Teknaf.

The Bangladeshi authorities are trying to stop the trafficking of drugs into their country, but smuggling is increasing day-by-day as the Bangladesh authorities are not able to control the syndicates who live along the Bangladesh-Burma border and other areas, said an officer from Chittagong.