Monday, 18 June 2018

Ukhiya, Bangladesh: Camp police of Kutupalong Official Camp have been increasing harassment since the second week of April against the unofficial refugees who live in miserable conditions at a makeshift camp, said a refugee on condition of anonymity.

The police officer Janal, accompanied by other police, went to the Kutupalong makeshift camp at night and arrested several innocent refugees over various allegations.

“Some refugees use mobile phones in the unofficial camp. The police arrest them and fine them 500 to 1,000 takas each.”

Many mobile phones have been seized by a police officer named Majibullah who enters the makeshift camp in civilian dress.

A refugee community leader said that the officer, including other police officers, entered the unofficial camp at 10 p.m. without the knowledge of the Camp-in-Charge.

The police officer, accompanied by camp committee members, has also entered the makeshift camp to investigate cases of refugees quarreling among each other, as well as guests visiting their relatives in the camp without permission.

A refugee from the camp said, “We don’t get any support from any quarter, and we also do hard work for our family members. Where will we get money to pay bribes to the police”?