Thursday, 26 April 2018

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Border Trade Association (BTA) of Maungdaw had held its annual meeting at Thrimangala Hall today, according to a BTA member who attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the BTA Central Executive Committee reported its activities during the last year (2010) and their financial statement, the BTA member said.

In the statement, the finance secretary explained that the BTA had given the Burma Border Security Force (Nasaka) three million kyats for building a road to connect a three-mile gate and Kyrin Chaung, called Aythaliya Road.

“The BTA also financed the Nasaka’s construction of a bridge that was damaged during the last rainy season near the three miles gate. It also cost three million kyats.”

The Nasaka constructed the Aytaliya Road without much stone, but with the use of forced labor from nearby villages. Trucks and other vehicles are not able to use the road in the rainy season as the road becomes fully covered with mud, said a BTA member whose truck was stuck on the road.

“If the Nasaka had used the money which BTA gave them for constructing the road and repairing it properly, the road would be made from concrete, and would not have so many problems.”

“The bridge was built with only wood, which will also be damaged in the rainy season.”

After the meeting, most of Rohingya community who are members of BTA asked why the BTA had to give money to the Nasaka. If the BTA had contracted to build the road and bridge on its own, it would be stronger and have used less funds.