Friday, 22 June 2018

Teknaf, Bangladesh: A certificate and prize distribution ceremony of the first batch of CTA (Community Technology Access) of refugee students was held at the community center of Nayapara refugee camp on July 26, said a refugee master from the camp. 

The programme was organized by United Nations high commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) through RTM International. In this programme, there were about 150 students, of them 112 students got certificates and 12 students passed with distinction. Students have finished the course of MS words, Excel and power point.

At the ceremony, the RRRC officer Mr. Ferous  Sala Uddin  was the Chief guest and  the Camp-in-Charge (CIC) Mr. Saiful  Islam, education officer Mr. Mamun of UNHCR, administrative officer of RTM international  were participated in the ceremony. About 500 refugees were took part in the ceremony, said a refugee leader from the camp.

In the ceremony, the RRRC officer Ferous inspired the refugee students to learn with interest that is provided by agencies for further development.

A Community Technology Access (CTA) student named Jahid Hussain also spoke on behalf of all the students and told that the students who got certificates will cooperate with next generation in learning computer. He also requested the agencies to continue their programme to the refugee students.

A parent of a student said, “We want to our children to have more computer training as the computer is a modern instrument for communication today’s world.”

One of the students said, “We are happy to get computer training and want more training.”

Later, the RRRC officer distributed prizes to the students who achieved excellent results in the examination. Twelve students received prizes -- one pen, one note book and one computer book each.