Friday, 22 June 2018
Buthidaung, Burma: Nasaka, Burma’s border security force is into a well organized extortion racket in Arakan State, Burma.

They have been extracting money from Rohingyas by framing various allegations, reports our correspondent.

A Rohingya, Khala Meah (40), son of Momtaz Ahamed, hailing from village Khalsira under the Phone Nyo Hlake Nasaka camp in Buthidaung Township, Arakan State has been one of the victims.

On June 20, Khala Meah was summoned to Nasaka Camp by the authorities of Phone Nyo Hlake Nasaka camp No. 21 under the Nasaka Sector No. 9 through the Village Peace and Development Council (VPDC) Chairman.  In the Nasaka camp, Kala Meah was asked by a Nasaka officer whether his son went to Malaysia.

He was arrested and detained in the Nasaka camp. Khala Meah was brutally beaten up and tortured by the Nasaka. He was detained in the camp from June 20 to July 5.

An elite from Maungdaw said,” If any body is arrested in the course of any allegation, he will not be set free without paying a bribe because there is no justice and no proper judgement.”

As a result, Khala Meah had to bribe the concerned Nasaka officer Kyat 150,000 and was set free on July 6.

Similarly, Zaffar Hossain (35) son of Hassain Ali from  Kenisi village (Gyi Nuk Thi) in Buthidaung Township had to pay  Kyat 100,000 to the Nasaka on June 25, as  it was alleged  that he went to Bangladesh without permission.

Many people have gone out of the country due to political and religious persecution and the Nasaka or concerned authorities deleted their names from their family lists. After that, they are not allowed to enter the country again, said a villager not wanting to be named.