Friday, 22 June 2018
Teknaf, Bangladesh: A high level delegation comprising of European Union (EU) members and accompanied by Mrs. Phiri, the country representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Dhaka, and other staff of the UNHCR visited the Nayapara refugee camp on January 26 at about 11:00 am, Hashim, from the camp said.


The two representatives were from EU and the delegation particularly observed the refugees' school situation and asked many questions to the adolescent girls, who have been learning computer courses at the computer center of the refugee camp, about what they have learnt and the situation of their computer center.


The students of the computer center were playing tennis, skipping and learning computers, while the delegation was visiting the camp. On seeing this, the delegation was delighted.


The delegation first visited the Women's Center in the camp and took some photographs and then visited the Community Center of the camp, where the computer training was going on. One refugee, named Abdullah had got training from the camp and had bought a computer with his money and he has been training refugee girls and boys voluntarily. Seeing this, the delegation provided two computers to the camp and also inaugurated another computer training center in the camp, a refugee teacher from the camp said.  


At the computer center, there are two trainers namely Abdullah and Mohamed Noor. There are about 20 trainees, including girls and boys. They get computer training in two phases, one is for the girls and another one is for boys.


The delegation also checked the old and new sheds of the camp and held discussions with the Camp-in-Charge (CIC), about the situation of the camp. Moreover, the delegation observed the water tanks, in which rain water from the roof of the community center falls during the rainy season, Rashid, who is from the camp said.


However, the delegation left the camp at about 1:30 pm on the same day.