Monday, 18 June 2018
Teknaf, Bangladesh:  Eight families from Nayapara refugee camp and three families from Kutupalong camp have been selected for resettlement in the United Kingdom (UK) on January 20, a refugee from Nayapara camp said.


The families who left were: eight families comprising 39 people from Nayapara camp and three families comprising 15 people from Kutupalon camp, he added.


The refugees had to stay in Cox's Bazaar for 10 days for training to acquaint them about the culture of UK.


After training at Cox's Bazar, 11 members of two families will come back to Nayapara camp and 15 members of three families will come back to Kutupalong camp for they want more training.


The first batch of 28 refugees will fly to UK in the last week of this month. The remaining 26 members will also fly to UK in the third week of February as part of a second batch. In total 54 (28+26= 54) refugees will be settled in UK, said a refugee committee member from Nayapara camp who declined to be named.


The refugees will stay in Dhaka and then fly to UK, but the exact date of their departure is not known. This is the second batch to be resettled in UK. The first batch of 34 refugees was resettled in UK on December 7, 2008.  


The resettlement programme was started in 2006 and Canada was the first country to accept Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh. There are about 42 Rohingya refugees in Canada who went there between 2006 -2007.