Monday, 18 June 2018

Maungdaw, Burma: Refusal to do sentry duty which was being forced on him, led to an Arakanese Rohingya being detained for two days by Nasaka, Burma’s border security force, said a relative of the victim. He had to pay Kyat 50,000 in bribe to secure release.

The Arakanese Rohingya Mohammed Abdullah (55), hails from Maung Nama village-tract of Mungdaw Township in Arakan state, Burma. 

On September 12, Abdullah was called for sentry duty at night by Nasaka through the Chairman Village Peace and Development Council (VPDC), but he refused to go because he was suffering from fever for a week, said a villager. 

The Nasaka personnel went to his house and arrested him the same night. After the arrest, he was taken to the Nasaka’s camp in Aung Mangla. At the camp, he was tortured physically and mentally and detained. 

After two days, he was set free after he gave bribe of about Kyat 50,000 to the Nasaka. 

According to local people, most Arakanese Rohingyas are being used as sentry by Nasaka. Refusals means fines being slapped on them by Nasaka.