Friday, 20 April 2018
Maungdaw, Arakan State: Two Maulanas, belonging to Maungdaw Township were arrested by Nasaka , Burma 's border security force on April 4 on charges that they were involved in anti-government activities and have links with exiled rebel groups, a source close to Nasaka said.

The arrested are Maulana Md. Hamid Hussain (45) and Maulana Md. Nuzu Meah (43), both hailing from Taungbro (Right) in Maungdaw Township.

On March 4 the Maulanas went to the village mosque for Friday prayers. After the prayers, the Maulanas allegedly talked to the gathering in the mosque against the ruling junta. This information was leaked to Nasaka. The Maulanas were arrested, he more added.

Besides, security personnel have been watching their activities over the last three months.

On March 5 the arrested were sent to the Tactical Operation Command (TOC) in Buthidaung Town for further interrogation, said a local elder.

Recently, authorities have stepped up arrest of influential and leading persons in the Rohingya community from Maungdaw town on false and fabricated charges, said a trader in Maungdaw town on condition of anonymity.

The arrested Maulanas Md. Hamid Hussain and Md. Nuzu Meah have never been involved in anti-government activities and last Friday they did not speak out against the regime. They only talked about religion, a relative said.