Monday, 09 December 2019
Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A policeman of Maungdaw police station urinated in the compound of the central mosque in Maungdaw Town on February 12 at about 5 pm, after Asar prayers when there was nobody in the mosque.

Putting on slippers he entered the mosque compound and urinated on the steps of the lake from which mosque goers take ablution, said an eyewitness in Maungdaw town.

The mosque committee did not raise the issue with the government authorities as they have never paid heed or taken action against the police.

"It is a starting point to test repercussions in the Rohingya community. Next time, they will commit a bigger offence against the community. We are grief-stricken," a village elder in the town said.

Recently, police stepped up persecuting the Rohingya community by lodging false and fabricated cases against the people and extorting money. The higher authorities did nothing to stop it.  They have always turned a deaf ear to complaints making it difficult for Rohingyas to bear.