Monday, 17 December 2018

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) robbed Monsur Alam’s house from Litra (Kurkhali) village of Maungdaw north on November 16, at midnight with allegation of checking mobile set inside the house, said a schoolteacher preferring not to be named. 

“Three Nasaka personnel with four collaborators from Nasaka area No. 4, forcibly entered the house of Fatema Khatun (25) in the guise of checking mobile set at midnight of November 16 while her husband Monsur Alam was absent from the home to watch his shrimps project as local people pilfered shrimps from the project.” 

“The Nasaka personnel checked the house everywhere, but they did not find any mobile set, so, they had broken the iron box of Fatema Khatun and took away Kyat 125,000.”

“Fatema with her mother in law, Roshida Begum (50) were severely beaten for their resistance while the Nasaka personnel were taking money from their home.”

Fetema  is  none months old pregnant while Nasaka attacked her, said a relative of Monsur Alam.

The next day, the victim with her husband went to the Nasaka Headquaters of Kawar Bill and appraised the incident to the Nasaka duty officer where the officer didn’t take any action.  So, they returned home with disappointment, said a local trader quoting Alam.

“The case was again transferred to the Nasaka area number 4 office for interrogation where the area commander Major Kyaw Aung  summoned Alam to the office, but he did not appear to the camp for fear of arrest or harassment.”

A businessman from the locality said, “Why does the Nasaka take away the money while they fail to find illegal mobile set?”

A local elder said, “At mid night, why does the Nasaka enter the house while the male is absent from the house under the guise of checking mobile set without village administration officer?”

The four Nasaka collaborators are: - Faizal (22), son of Abul Kalam, Dulaya (23), son of Ali Zuhar, Alam Gir (30), son of Ali Ahmed and Ayub (30), son of Kasim. They all belong to Litra (Kurkhali) village, said a local youth who denied to e named.