Saturday, 19 January 2019

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) forcibly get sexual relation with one villager’s wife, driving husband from his home in Maungdaw Township, Arakan State, Burma, since three months ago, said a local businessman on condition of anonymity. 

“A group of Nasaka, numbering in 5 or 7 from outpost camp of nearby Nasaka Headquarters of Gyikan Pyin (Kawarbill) village of Maungdaw Township, visit daily to the Wabeg village close to the camp and teasing the Zubeda Begum (30), wife of Md. Kasim. She is a mother of one child, hailed from Wabeg village.”

“While the Nasaka went to the home, the husband of the woman was forced to go out of the home. Regarding this, Md. Kasim went to the concerned authority and appraised this matter to take action against the said Nasaka group. But, so far, there is no action against the culprits.”

As a result, husband of the woman does not able to approach to his wife as the Nasaka completely controls his wife and the Nasaka goes there without any restriction in days and nights.  The husband was threatened by the Nasaka to divorce his wife, said a local. “At last Kasim divorced his wife.” 

At present, she is accompanied by Nasaka to everywhere they need. She becomes fully of their common wife. The Nasaka provides her foods, clothes and other necessary things, said a youth who declined to be named.

“Local villagers are not able to halt the illegal matter as fear of reprisal from the concerned authority.”

One of the village elders said on condition of anonymity, “This kind of incident is being continued in our village, in front of our villagers, daughters and sons, the situation of our village will become very bad. So, the concerned authority has to stop the event immediately and to take action against the culprits.”

“Nasaka has been deployed in our area for security and to eliminate the bad habits of the villagers, but they do opposite of their duty,” said a local trade who denied to be named.